TTCS = Free to the Public Charter School

Turquoise Trail Charter School is a municipality. 

What does this mean?  A few things 

1st: the students pay NOTHING to attend this school.  The education here is not only excellent, it is FREE!

2nd: all NM students are welcome.  We have no zone limitations, we are our own district.  Any student within the state of New Mexico can apply in our lottery.  

            Did you know? This next school year 2019 - 2020 is going to be a historical year for education in the state of NM?  For the first time in 25 years, the chances of getting into Turquoise Trail are going to be significantly higher.  We are expanding!  adding classes in the elementary school and opening up the middle school.  Now is your best chance ever to get in.  After next year, the odds will go back to what they were before.  

3rd: As a public charter school, TTCS receives operational funding from the government. Unfortunately, funding levels have dropped dramatically in recent years, creating significant obstacles to maintaining a high quality learning environment for our students. You can help by making a recurring or one-time tax-deductible contribution to TTCS.  Please go to the Foundation Page to learn more.  

Jennifer Padilla, Mother of Octavio Villela, 2nd Grade 2016-17

There are so many things that make TTCS! The teachers and staff are engaged with parents, parents are very welcome in the school, and in the classroom, Dr. Griffin has an open door policy, and it is easy to reach him on the phone, via email or in person. He is also very easy to talk to and very straightforward, and that is very much appreciated. 

TTCS ensures that students who need reading help in their beginning school years receive it in order to ensure that no child gets held back. 

TTCS has excellent art and music programs as well as a lot of opportunities to take part in athletics.

TTCS encourages children to free play, outdoor playground time, and using their imaginations in many ways.

Deborah Busemeyer, Mother of a 1st and 4th grader, 2016-17 school year

I have watched my 1st-grade daughter thrive in Ms. Solock's classroom this year. She has a way of recognizing all of the children's gifts, even when their behavior may mask their strengths. She has high standards for her students' behavior and academic growth, and she customizes her lessons so all students advance. She manages her classroom in a controlled, kind way so children are comfortable and better able to learn. I can't imagine a better teacher and am grateful for her employment at TTCS.

​Turquoise Trail has​ special programs for students of all levels and needs. The school has​ skilled therapists who support students with special needs as well as intervention programs to help struggling students progress with their peers. In addition, Turquoise Trail offers advanced students an opportunity to be a part of the gifted program, a rigorous curriculum that teaches children valuable skills for learning and life, including participating in thoughtful discussions, problem solving and critical thinking.