• SY 2017-2018

    February 16th Lottery Closes

    February 19th President's Day, no School

    February 20th Tasty Tuesday

    February 21st Lottery Drawing

    February 21st to 27th, Talent Show Sign ups

    February 22nd GC Meeting, 5:30pm

    Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School
  • Congratulations Science Fair Winners!

    2nd Place for 6th Grade: Alex Wohlberg

    2nd Place for 5th Grade: Rose and Claire Johnston

    3rd Place for 5th Grade: Lucas Stoll

    Honorable Mention for 4th Grade Lila Loweree

    Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School
  • Congratulations New Honor Society Members!

    Tuesday Evening, Feb 6th, 10 new students were inducted into our Chapter of the Honor Society: 

    Meridian Callaway-Kidd, Malani Gallegos, Marianne Joyce Brown, Marianna Miller, Lila Loweree, Ane Silva, Bila Ali, Abrielle Herrera, Veronica Ortega, Daniel Busemeyer

    Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School
  • Open House and Rally

    Join the Entire TTCS community in our Open House event from 5:30 to 6:30.  During this time there will be several presentations around the school showcasing as much of our school as possible.  There will also be Door Prizes and Free Food!  

    At 6:30 starts the Rally.  Get the answers about the SFPS vote.  Show your support for TTCS.  

    Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School
  • 2018 Science Fair Winners

    Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School
  • How YOU can help our school

    Volunteers always needed

    Science Fair Judges Needed

    Lunch Duty

    Library Assistant

    Classroom Volunteer

    Donations always welcome

    Monetary or in the form of school supplies

    Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School

COYOTES 2016-2017

Officers of the Parent Teacher Organization

President           Francesca Margaritondo

Vice President   Tish Lovato

Treasurer           Debbie Hart

Secretary           Sarah Nofziger

Volunteer Coordinator Tammi Padilla

New Officers needed for next school year for all positions.  Contact us for more info.  The PTO will be disbanded next year if new officers are not found.

Email:   ptc@ttschool.org 

School Spirit Wear!

Lets make something new!

We are looking for a new design for our school t shirt.  Designs should be simple and school appropriate and try to keep them under 3 colors.  Submit designs to ptc@ttschool.org or to Francesca at the front office.  

PTO Events for the Year

Tasty Tuesday: August 29th, September 26th, October 24th, December 5th, January 23rd, February 20th, March 27th, April 24th

Pop N Toss: September 22nd, October 13th, November 17th, January 19th, February 9th, March 9th, April 6th, May 11th

Movie Nights:  November 10th, February 16th, April 27th

Halloween Carnival: October 27th, Friday evening 5:30 to 7:30

Cash Raffle: Spring (possibly starting immediately after Winter Break)

Teacher Appreciation: Week of May 7th to 11th

Halloween Carnival, October 27th, 5:30pm

Thank you everybody who helped out!  To all our volunteers who ran booths, sold tickets, sold food and helped clean up, this event could not happen without you.  

To all the teachers who chose a booth, recruited volunteers, and stayed late that evening; thank you for adding this to your very long list of things to do.

To the PTO who has been organizing this event almost every year for the last 10 or so; we really appreciate all the effort, time and energy put into all of this and will miss it next year.

Halloween Carnival 2017

Pop N Toss

Popcorn sales on certain Fridays of each month.  
Children order their popcorn first thing in the morning.  
Parents make the popcorn during the day and deliver the orders at the end of the day.  
More sold after school to parents for a dollar a bag.  
Popcorn is made with sunflower oil and sea salt which means it's healthy.

Teacher Appreciation

The First Week of May, the PTO does everything it can to make this week extra special for our teachers.  We really want to show how much we appreciate them!  If you want to do something for teacher appreciation week, get in touch with the PTO at ptc@ttschool.org or talk to Francesca at the school front office.  In the past we've had breakfast, lunch, snacks, gifts, daily prizes and decorations in the lounge for them.  Let's show the teachers what they really mean to us.

TTCS Cash raffle

 The TTCS Cash Raffle was a great success this year!  

Congratulations Ms Amy Oler and Ms Cheryl Jurewich.  Their classrooms sold the most tickets winning them a popsicle party!

Congrats also to Ryan Valdez, winner of the bicycle, Erebella Haubert, winner of the Circus Classes and Ezra Shaffer, winner of the tablet.

Finally the grand prize winners are Marcos Martinez: $500 winner, Terri Cox, $100 winner, Curtis Valdez, $100 winner, Dail Miller, $25 for Sprouts winner and Mike Valencia, $25 for Sprouts winner.  

Thank you to everybody who bought tickets, sold tickets and made donations for this event.  Thanks to you teachers will be able to purchase books and supplies and even extra snacks for hungry students.


Tasty Tuesday

Pastries sold to parents at drop off and pick up once a month.  

Pastries come from Angel's Bakery.  

Proceeds go to the classroom funds.

Day of Music for the Arts, Fundraising Event

Thank you to everybody who showed up, even on a Sunday and to those who did whatever they could even though they could not come to the actual event.  

If you get the chance, be sure to thank these companies who also helped us out:

Bruno's Pizza - at the Bridge every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday

Tres Colores - Find them at Whole Foods and the Outlet Mall

The Banded Geckos: http://www.bandedgeckos.com/ 

The Hill Stompers: http://hillstompers.com/

The TTCS Jazz Band from last year

O.G. Willikers: http://willikers505.wixsite.com/ogwillikers

Right On Kid: https://rightonkid.bandcamp.com/

Time4Change: https://time4changemusic.bandcamp.com/

Candyman Music

Santa Fe Brewing Co