Did you know?

Did you know?

Healthy, moist mucus membranes can help fight off bacteria.

The school has installed several filtered water bottle stations.  Please send your child with a water bottle and encourage them to use these stations.  Also chapstick can go a long way to help fight the sever dryness in our area.  

Flu Vaccinations

Dear TTCS Community,

Announcement from the Nurse’s Office

The flu season is upon us.  Unfortunately this year we will not be giving the flu vaccine.  Due to a delay from the Public School Distribution System we were unable to receive it in a timely way.  Also new requirements are making it even more difficult to provide it in schools. 

The Flu Vaccine is available at most drug stores, grocery stores and hospital clinic.  Please do not hesitate to get it as soon as possible.  If you have insurance, the flu shot should be free or of very low cost.

We apologize for any inconvenience  Let us know if you need any information about any vaccinations.

Thank you

Nurse Jennie Farquhar,

Dr. Ray Griffin and the

TTCS Administrative team