• SY 2017-2018

    November 17th, Pop N Toss

    November 17th, Science Fair Proposal Due

    November 20 - 24 Thanksgiving Break

    November 29th, Picture Day

    November 30th, PTO meeting after school

    Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School
  • Fun Run Dec 9th

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    Thank you Fun Run Donors:
    Buffalo wild wings
    Sweet water café
    Ranch house 
    Big Jo Hardware
    The Running Hub
    Santa Fe Tennis and Swim club
    Deb Klezmer.
    Santa Fe Ciderworks
    Leyba Real Estate
    Marilyn Fitzgerald
    Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School
  • Thanksgiving Family Meal

    A great success as always.  Thanks to everybody who helped out.  The volunteers were wonderful as always and so appreciated. See photos from the event HERE

    Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School
  • Girls' Basketball

    Congrats TTCS Lady Coyotes!  They finished the season with perfect 8 & 0 record!  

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    Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School
  • Halloween Carnival

    Such a great success!  Thanks to all the parents who helped out, the teachers who stayed late and the families who came and had fun.  Let's make sure this great tradition continues next year.  Sign up for the PTO, no officers means no PTO next year which means very few events like this one.

    Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School

COYOTES 2016-2017


Mission: TTCS will be a high-achieving student-centered learning school preparing students academically and socially for lifelong success.

Vision: Turquoise Trail Charter School serves a diverse community of Pre-K through 6th grade students and families in a safe and supportive environment fostering communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Students are empowered through a student-centered learning approach. Teaching and learning are research-based, data-driven, and relevant to diverse student needs and interests.

 As adopted by the Governance Council on September 18, 2014.  

 Strategic plan.docx 

In 1994, Turquoise Trail Charter School became one of New Mexico's first charter schools, which enabled the Turquoise Trail community to maximize its vision by refining a unique academic curriculum, utilizing site-based budgeting and management of funds, and implementing participatory governance and community involvement to focus on improving the achievement of our students.

Located 15 miles from downtown Santa Fe, the community is rural, with families living great distances from one another. Our children come from families diverse in their educational experiences and economic situations. Of the approximately 495 students enrolled at Turquoise Trail, the population has a 72/28 ratio of Hispanic children to children of all other ethnicities, including Anglo, Native American, African American, and Asian. Approximately 25% of our student population speaks Spanish as a first language. Turquoise Trail qualifies for Title I federal funds, with 67% of the student population receiving free or reduced lunches.

Since its inception, Turquoise Trail Charter School has followed an alternative curriculum that was developed and continues to be refined by the school's teachers. The curriculum is centered around the interrelated theories of multiple intelligences, learning styles, and developmentally appropriate practices. The educational program at Turquoise Trail was developed for students by staff with the following Exit Outcomes in mind: Self Directed Learners, Collaborative Workers, Community Participants-Contributors, Quality Producers, and Complex Thinkers.

The learning experiences we implement have brought students in our multicultural community into engagement with current, best instructional practices in the fine arts, physical education, and information resources. Our educational program has further refined state standards and benchmarks into integrated units and learning goals per grade level. Balanced literacy is fundamental to our instructional program, as is a comprehensive bilingual/ESL program, and inclusion of special education children in the mainstream of classroom instruction to the greatest extent possible.

Through the enriched experiences offered at the school, students gain a greater sense of basic human values, particularly through the exposure, appreciation, and respect of multiple lifestyles and cultures present in our community.