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Poem by a 5th grader

TTCS life every day

Every day I get dropped off

I go to my class and learn a lot of cool new things

This school helps me learn a lot I even learn grades above me

like sixth and I understand what they are doing some times I

help them with there work and to be successful not to say they

even give us grade A math, science, writing, and reading.

Every day is a good day for turquoise trail charter school

The weekends give the teachers a brake

The principal has to do hard work

All the teachers enjoy working here

We even have great specials like Ms. Mel works us hard and

pushes our boundary and we have a great librarian Ms. Carol

she teaches us history for example human rights and about

how we were fighting against racism equal rights.

Ms. Jen teaches us about finding the beauty in our artwork if

we make a mistake she always tells us how to work with it.

Mrs. H and Mrs. Char our band drama music and course they

work the hardest to me because they do all of those things

every day so our school works harder and harder every day.

By: Demetrius DuPont