TTCS' Culture Fair/Open House.  November 15th, 5pm to 6pm at the Elementary school, 6:30 at the Middle School.  

Our annual Thanksgiving Meal is on Friday November 16th this year.  Tickets are already available for sale and can only be purchased in advance.  We will not be selling tickets at the event.  Please click HERE to purchase your tickets.

Calendar sy 2018

TTCS Middle School! 7th Grade, Now Open

Call 986 4000 for more information and possible enrollment opportunity.


  • SY 2018-2019

    November 15th, Culture Fair, 5pm for Elementary school, 6:30 for Middle School

    November 16th, Thanksgiving Meal: Tickets

    November 19 to 23, Thanksgiving Break

    Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School
  • Culture Fair/Open House

    Thursday November 15th is our annual Culture Fair.  Starting at 5pm at the elementary school and 6:30 at the Middle school, students have presentations, skits, food, music and more that they've been working on.  

    This is also an open house.  If you know anybody who might be interested in our School, please let them know that next school year will be their absolute best chance ever to get in.  We are expanding!  Several classes are being added creating openings that never existed before and will not again.  Instead of having only a couple of openings in certain grades, we will have 20!  If they want to see our school, Culture Fair is the best time.  Our students really shine and it's a time to get a true feel for our community.

    Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School
  • Thanksgiving Meal

    TTCS' annual Thanksgiving Family Meal will be on Friday November 16th.  For more information please go to:

    Thanksgiving Meal

    Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School