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Annual TTE Spell-a-Thon
A Fun and Educational way to raise funds for your child's classroom.
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Do you need
childcare after school? 
The Little Coyotes and Aftercare programs have a few spots left.  Click HERE for more information on both programs and their schedules.  

Turquoise Trail Charter School now has a few opening in a few grades. Please tell your friends and get them to enroll right away. This is the only way to avoid the lottery in the Spring. The time is now!

PK 1st 2nd 5th and 6th
Call Danielle Garcia at 986-4000

Cooking with Kids is BACK!!!

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BUSES for students 2015-16 school year

If your child is planning to ride the bus for TTCS regular school year, to and from school, YOU MUST SIGN UP.  
CLICK HERE to review documents Call Carolann Gutierrez at 505-986-4000 to register and sign up for Bus transportation.

You need to review our 4 TTCS School bus routes , and we need to know your pick-up and drop-off points.
We have the bus routes planned and all pick up spots planned. Call the school to learn your pickup location.

Important!! if you have not signed up and registered for bus transportation you cannot get on a bus.

PRE-K bus. PK students are allowed to ride the regular buses. However ONLY if accompanied by an older TTCS sibling and if there is room on the bus.  We will not provide PK transportation in the middle of the day. 

CLICK HERE for Food Services PDFs (print / fill out forms/bring to school)

School information

TTCS 2015-2016 Supply List

Click here to access the supply list for your child
for the 2015-2016 school year:

TTCS_Supply List for 2015-1206.docx
2015 Summer Reading Lists

Link to the 2015 summer reading lists here:

2015 Summer Reading Lists

Contact Mary, in the front office, if your contact information has changed: 505-986-4000.
Students should be in the cafeteria by 7:45 am. School begins in the classroom at 7:50 am.
If you're late to student pick up:
We have had several parents arrive late to pick up their children from after-care. Beginning on
Monday, August 26, 2013, parents arriving late will automatically be charged $1 per minute past 5:30 pm. We will use the displayed time on our staff ’s cell phones as the official time (not the clocks on the school walls). If you arrive late, staff will show you the time on their cell phones and record it on the sign-out sheet. Thank you for your cooperation.

Parents/Guardians, Alumni, and Community Members: "Like" TTCS on Facebook

Find us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/TTCSSF. You will find the latest information about the 25th Anniversary "Silver and Turquoise Jubilee" Celebration here.

The Parents Council (PTC) Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/TTCSPTC

The 2nd Annual Gala Auction has a Facebook page too: https://www.facebook.com/TurquioseTrailCharterSchool?fref=ts

(NOTE: You cannot access Facebook from school computers.)

TTCS passes PEC's charter renewal process

To TTCS students, parents, and staff:

I am pleased to announce that the Public Education Commission has approved our charter renewal application for 5 years, without conditions. Head Administrator Ray Griffin and Business Manager Randy Freeman did an EXCELLENT job of presenting to the Commision, and the final vote was 6 - 0 (1 abstaining).

This is an important step in our continuing effort to fulfill our vision and mission for the school.

According to the renewal summary and recommendations, "the school operates efficiently in terms of governance procedures, its reporting duties, and organizational stability." In addition, TTCS "demonstrates compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations relating to fiscal management and oversight expectations as evidenced by an audit devoid of significant findings and conditions, material weaknesses or significant internal control weaknesses." PEC's Charter School Division noted the stable leadership on TTCS's governing council and the current School Report Card grade of A as two strengths of a school "located in a remote area of Santa Fe."

I want to congratulate and THANK all of you -- because without your leadership this would not have been possible.

Floyd J. Trujillo
TTCS Governance Council

Link here to read the full text of the press release: Press release_12.12.2014.docx

Link here to see the official document: Charter Renewal Letter

Turquoise Trail Charter School named 2014 NMCCS Charter School of the Year

Award presented at the New Mexico Coalition for Charter Schools’ Annual Conference in Albuquerque

          Santa Fe, NM, October 31, 2014:  Turquoise Trail Charter School was named the 2014 NMCCS Charter School of the Year at the New Mexico Coalition for Charter Schools’ annual conference, held in Albuquerque this past week. The award is presented each year to a school that exemplifies the best in charter school education in the state.
          “We have worked hard to make improvements in the school, so this award is a gratifying recognition from our peers.,” said Head Administrator Dr. Ray Griffin, on accepting the award on behalf of the school. “We’re thrilled to be celebrated in this manner, especially as we will be celebrating 25 years as a charter school in August of 2015.”
            The school is especially deserving because of the measurable achievements of its students, teachers, and staff in the 2013-2014 school year. For example, test scores improved, especially among the lowest performing cohort; the school is moving into the future, potentially as a state-chartered institution, on a sound financial footing; the school earned many accolades in national and state extracurricular and academic programs; and despite its rural location, the school is in more demand than ever for student enrollments from pre-kindergarten to grade 6.

Link here to read the full press release:

Press release_10.31.2014.docx

Link here to the Santa Fe New Mexican notice that appeared on Monday, November 3, 2014:  


Silent Auction Update -- Thanks to all of our donors

TTCS teachers, staff, and students would like to give a big "shout-out" to the generous donors who made our fall Silent Auction such a big success. We raised $3,915.95 for classrooms . ..  and everyone came away a winner!

Donors included:
   AMENERGY Solar Services
   Armstrong McCall
   Barker Realty
   Buffalo Wild Wings
   Cleopatra's Cafe
   Cowgirl BBQ
   Eight Skin Care
   Firestone Complete Auto Care
   Gruda Veterinary Hospital
   Jackalope vendors: Stephen Schmidt, Carolina Sicar, and Hernandez Imports
   Le Creuset Outlet Store
   Ricardo Martinez
   Merrell Shoes
   Outback Steakhouse
   Plaza Cafe Southside
   The Ranch House
   Samuel Design Group
   Second Street Brewery
   Sprouts Farmers Market (Cerrillos Road location)
   Trader Joe's

Thanks for your thoughtful and plentiful support!

iPads are in the classroom at TTCS!

Many students are using our new iPads in the classroom. 

Pictured here (from left to right) are Russell Thal, Jordan Stack, and Lyanna Parra -- in Ms. Aranda's Kindergarten Enrichment class.

News: School Lunch Program

Beginning October 1, TTCS students who may be eligible but have not renewed their free or reduced food program applications will be charged full price.

Please contact Lucy King in the TTCS kitchen if your child ends up being charged and you believe you would qualify for free or reduced-price meals.

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Turquoise Trail Charter School seeks qualified professionals to submit proposals to perform Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Speech/Language Therapy services for special needs students on an as-needed basis for the 2015-2019 fiscal years. Bidders may bid on one or more of the requested services. 

Please contact Phillip Robinson, Turquoise Trail Charter School, 13A San Marcos Loop, Santa Fe, NM 87508 or call 505-986-4053 or e-mail Phillip Robinson at probinson@ttschool.org to request RFP specifications.  Proposals will be received until 3:00 P.M. MDT, Tuesday June 30, 2015. 

Proposals can be mailed to Phillip Robinson, Turquoise Trail Charter School, 13A San Marcos Loop, Santa Fe, NM 87508 or may be hand-delivered to Turquoise Trail Charter School, 13A San Marcos Loop, Santa Fe, NM 87508 no later than the appointed date and time. All proposals must be clearly marked in the lower left-hand corner of the envelope with the name and number of the PFP to which you are responding.

Link to RFP document: RFP Related Services 2015-16 01.pdf

Our meals at TTCS are provided by the Federal School Food Program. The services at TTCS this year are provided by Santa Fe Public Schools.
Sign up for Free and Reduced Price Food Programs
Families must apply and qualify each year.  If you have qualified for free and reduced meals in previous years, you must reapply and qualify by October 1, 2014.
IF YOU ARE NEW TO TTCS: you must fill out an application form as soon as possible. These forms are available in the business office at TTCS.

Forms to apply will be available at the "Gathering of the Pack": August 13th at 4:00 PM. Look for the table marked "Food Program"

PRICES for meals 2014-2015
Breakfast: free or $0.30 reduced or $1.00 Full price
Lunch:       free or $0.40 reduced or $2.10 Full price

New Activities for Students

Held on Friday, January 30, 2015

2nd grade

1 – Precious Romero
2 – Alex Lovato
3 – Maelynna Brito
HM – Nicole Quinonez and Isabella Martinez

3rd grade 
1 – Alex Wohlberg
2 – Wailea Gallegos
3 – Raven Calloway-Kidd

4th grade
1 – Willow Shaffer
2 – Jackson Yocham
3 – Leona McKennie

5th grade
1 – Olivia Wohlberg
2 – Collin Chambers
3 – Natalia Lucero
HM – Anthony Montoya, Michael Wissman, and Daelyn Abeyta

6th grade
1 – Evan Longworth
2 – Noelle Morning Star
3 – Maggie Gibson
HM – Nimkees White Eagle and Ricky Rosacker

SCIENCE FAIR 2015 - District winners
Held on Thursday, February 5, 2015

2nd grade
Alex Lovato, 3rd place

4th grade
Willow Shaffer, Judges' Pick

5th grade
Olivia Wohlberg, 2nd place

6th grade
Noelle Morning Star, tied for 2nd place

Students moving on to the Regional Science Fair in Las Vegas on March 7:

    Olivia Wohlberg (5th grade, in Sarah Thomas’s class)
    Noelle Morning Star (6th grade, Jeff Davis's class)


Pictured: Noelle Morning Star and her exhibit "Musical Eggs"

Our Thanks to Donors and Volunteers

Our Thanks to Donors and Volunteers

Turquoise Trail Charter School gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the Miller-Margaritondo Family for their kind gift in honor of Sue Shinskey.

posted: Feb. 5, 2015

Important Information

Dear Council Members & TTCS Staff,

The State Public Education Department has released our school grade for the 2013 - 2014 school year. I am extremely pleased to announce that TTCS has received an "A" -- up from the previous year's grade of "D." This represents an incredible effort and hard work at every level of TTCS. Governance Council members, administration, and staff have all done an amazing job of focusing on improving the schools grade -- while NEVER forgetting that our no. 1 priority is preparing students academically and socially for lifelong success.

I want to thank the TTCS staff for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to the students of TTCS.

I want to thank Dr. Griffin, whose leadership in his first year at TTCS played a crucial role in our success.

I want to thank the Governance Council members for having the vision of a successful TTCS, while providing the responsible stewardship that has been critical to the school's success.

I want to congratulate all of you on this impressive achievement. While we still have work to do, this is the time for us to celebrate.

Well done!


Floyd J. Trujillo, President
TTCS Governance Council

Press release from the TTCS Governance Council, July 18, 2014

Turquoise Trail Charter School to Apply for State Authorization

At its regular monthly meeting on Thursday July 17, the Turquoise Trail Charter School Governance Council voted unanimously to become a state charter school. The school chose to apply for its fifth five-year charter with the New Mexico Public Education Commission. The school’s charter authorizer for the past 20 years has been Santa Fe Public Schools.
     Turquoise Trail is the oldest charter school in New Mexico, and one of the largest charter schools in the state, with 525 students in Pre-K through 6th grade. The school is located on Highway 14, south of the Santa Fe city limits.
     The Governance Council, which acts as the decision-making authority for the school, released the following statement: “After several years of discussion and analysis, and following a strategic planning process, the Turquoise Trail Charter School Governance Council, acting on behalf of the school community, has concluded that the school is now ready to become an independent charter school."

Link here to read the entire press release:

http://www.turquoisetrailcharterschool.org/www/TTCES/site/hosting/Press releases/Press release_07.18.2014.docx

Have you ever wondered what a charter school is? How we are different? Why?
This is an excellent website to answer most of your questions.

What is a charter school?

Turquoise Trail Charter School – Charter Renewal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1)  What is a charter school?
A charter school is a public school which is independent of a school district.  Charter schools have their own Governing Board (or Governance Council) which is responsible for setting school policies, creating and maintaining the school’s budget, and hiring and evaluating the Head Administrator of the school.

2)  How long has Turquoise Trail been a charter school?
Turquoise Trail was granted its first charter in 1994.  It is currently the oldest charter school in New Mexico.

3)  What does the “Change in Authorizer” mean?
By law, charter schools must renew their charters every 5 years.  TTCS has always been chartered through the SFPS district.  However, at the July meeting the TTCS Governance Council voted to renew its charter through the New Mexico Public Education Commission (PEC).  While this will change the process for TTCS in terms of reporting (progress reports, financial reports etc. will be sent to NM PED instead of SFPS), we anticipate little (if any) change to the day to day operations of TTCS.

Commission-authorized schools are often called “state chartered schools.”

4)  When will this change go into effect?
TTCS will submit its' application to the NM PED in October of 2014.  PED will make its decision on renewing the charter in January of 2015.  This new charter will go into effect on July 1, 2015.

5)  Will there be any changes for the current school year (2014 – 1015)?
No.  The current charter is in place until June 30, 2015.

6)  Is there an effect on admission to the school?
No. We have always been required to admit our students through a lottery that is held each spring. None of the policies or procedures now in place for the lottery will change.

7)  Is there an effect on employment at the school?
No. Our staff and faculty are already employed independently by Turquoise Trail and no one’s status will change because of the change in authorizer.

8)  How do Commission-authorized charter schools differ from district-authorized charter schools?

  • Funding is received directly through from the state and does not pass through the school district.
  • Applications for special programs such as Pre-K and Title I (assistance to economically disadvantaged schools) are made directly to the Public Education Department and are not written by the school district.
  • Funding is expected to be greater for certain special programs.
  • The Public Education Commission has a staff charged with monitoring the progress of state chartered schools. This staff also provides technical assistance and support for state chartered schools.
  • Generally, state chartered schools outperform other schools around the state in academic measures.
  • Because state chartered schools are independent of school districts, they must meet higher standards for competent governance and administration.

9)  What other benefits does the school anticipate from this change?
As schools of choice, identity is important to charter schools. We want our school community to recognize our independence and our freedom to define our own mission, set our own goals and promote our own high standards. It can be difficult for the public to appreciate our independence when we are perceived as a district school. Re-chartering through the PEC is just another in a series of steps we have taken since 1994 to solidify our position as an independent school.

Other Events

Dear TTCS community:
Our entire community should celebrate the NM School Grade Report Card A recognition of our school and the extraordinary efforts everyone made last school year to improve our school grade -- especially our students, and their teachers. Make no mistake, everyone at TTCS played an important role in our significant improvement.

The 2014 School Grade Reports are now available publicly on the PED website:
If you see a map on this website, look for the "list view" button.

TTCS Policies

The latest version of school policies and new policies passed by the Governance Council can be found (in numerical order) under the "The School" link, then click on "School Policies" to access the documents.

The Howler -- El Aullado

Find current issues of The Howler/El Aullado on the "School Resources" pull-down menu

Upcoming Events

Mon, Aug 24 - Fri, Sep 4
DEA Testing
K - 6
Monday, September 7
No school Federal Holiday
Thursday, September 10
Bilingual Family Potluck
Potluck dinner for Bilingual families
Contact Karen W. 5:30-7:00PM
Fiesta Council
The fiesta council will be at TTCS at 9AM
Governance Council Work Session Meeting
5:30 PM Strategic and succession planning, member recruiting.  


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