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Calendar sy 2018

TTCS Middle School! 7th Grade, Now Open

Call 986 4000 for more information and possible enrollment opportunity.


  • 3rd annual Day of Music Tomorrow!

    October 13th, 1pm to 5:30pm at the Santa Fe Brewing Company, AKA the Bridge.  Enjoy a lovely evening of good music, good food, good company and more!

    Tickets now available for sale, go to:

    Volunteers needed, go HERE to sign up.

    proceeds from this event go towards our expansion efforts and most importantly towards the arts at TTCS.  

    Last change for Pledge Cards!

    Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School
  • SY 2018-2019

    October 13th, Day of Music, avoid the line ask about tickets now! Volunteers needed!

    October 19th and 22nd, P/T Conferences

    October 24th, First Volleyball Practice for 6th and 7th grades

    October 26th, Festival of Fantasy, 3pm to 7pm, get tickets early

    Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School
  • Which grade will win the race?

    Be sure to check out the giant race track in the Elementary School Lobby.  The grades are competing for a field trip and a pizza party for first place and a pizza party for second place.  By now, you've seen the pledge cards around the school and that your teacher has emailed to you.  Fill it out, turn it in and get your student's grade one step closer to winning the grand prize.  The competition will have it's grand finally at the Day of Music (Oct 13th) with results announced a few days later.  

    Turquoise Trail Charter Elementary School